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Breastfeeding Hawaiʻi is pleased to announce that we have selected two donor human milk shipping supply sites:
Waimānalo Health Center in Waimānalo, HI (Oʻahu)
Mother's Milk, LLC in Kamuela, HI (Big Island)

Interested in donating breast milk? Call Mothers' Milk Bank of San Jose at (877) 375-6645 for a brief phone screening. You'll be asked to complete screening forms, and then Mothers' Milk Bank of San Jose will provide a pre-paid lab slip you can take to Diagnostic Laboratory Services near you for blood work. Once you're a donor you can either:
a) have the milk bank ship you a cooler to send in your donor milk; or
b) go to one of the two sites above to pick up a cooler to send in your donor milk!
These shipping supply sites should be ready by June 30, 2019.

Look for new announcements of locations to either drop off your frozen milk or pick up shipping supplies! We hope to have new sites announced around the state by August 2019!

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